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We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals – fast. We operate out of our Coorparoo studio on the South East side of Brisbane, with all the tools needed to get you lean, fit and strong.

Our team are experienced, qualified personal trainers using proven methods to guarantee results. We will help you achieve your goals though individual training or our range of group training classes.

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team granite

We are a team of highly experienced, qualified Personal Trainers using proven methods to guarantee you results! We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals through individual training and our extensive range of group fitness classes.

Andrew is a bodybuilding competitor and coach specialising in transforming people’s physiques. Andrew knows the best, safest and most efficient methods to help you change your physique.

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Physique Specialist

Ash found her passion for training and improving her body, which led her into Bodybuilding-style Bikini and Fitness Modelling Competitions where she recently took home 1st place. As an inspiration and mentor to her clients, she has the knowledge and experience to help anyone achieve their goals.

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Fitness & Nutrition

Lacey is an accomplished Bikini Model competitor with a flair for creative and healthy cooking. Experienced in strength and cardiovascular training, Lacey will get you in shape while teaching you how to eat for the results you always wanted.

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Women’s Fitness & Health

As a professional Boxer and Mixed Martial Artist Jarrett is experienced in training for peak fitness. Using his wealth of knowledge of resistance and high intensity interval training Jarrett helps clients reach their own fitness goals fast.

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Fitness & Personal Training

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Angie Van Dommele

Andrew excels in motivation; he pushes you to achieve your goals and gives you a kick in the butt when you need it.
He encourages you to exceed your own expectations…
Andrew inspires me to lead a healthier lifestyle and I look forward to our sessions every fortnight.

Dec 2014

Emma Crick

Andrew is the best trainer I’ve ever had. His dedication to my personal fitness goals and progress was outstanding.

Andrew has the perfect balance of attitude I was looking for from a trainer- the perfect amount of positive encouragement teamed with the perfect amount of ‘stop kidding yourself and start being the best you can be.’

You know you’ve found a great trainer when you spend the day after your session cursing him. Thanks Andrew!

Feb 2015

Chris Minnikin

Andrew is a fantastic personal trainer who has helped me to achieve my goal of losing weight and increasing my fitness level. He’s helped to keep me motivated and turning up each week by making each training session challenging and enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend Andrew to everyone from those who are new to the gym to the serious gym junkies.

Jun 2015